Missouri Concealed Carry Firearms Training 

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states that “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of the free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” This gives us the right to keep firearms for our own protection.  However, a firearm is not a magic wand that will instantly turn a would be assailant into putty at its sight.  The protection it represents comes from our ability to use it effectively,legally and efficiently in life and death situations.



Concealed Carry for Missouri Residents

This course is designed for the first time handgun owner, novice
or experienced shooter seeking their
Concealed Carry Permit in
, or anyone who wants to improve their understanding
of handgun maintenance and safety on the range and at home,
fundamentals of handgun marksmanship, and the legal aspects
of the use of deadly force in defense of persons.  The courts
have set very strict guidelines for when a person may use a
firearm (Deadly Force) in defense of themselves or others. Don’t
fall into the trap of using a handgun illegally.

The cost for this course is $80.00 per shooter, for two or more
shooters. A private, one-on-one class is $150.00.
Equipment requirements include revolver or semi-automatic
handguns (you must qualify with one or the other) and 40 rounds, 20 rounds for warm up and 20 rounds for qualification.
This is the statutory requirement found in 571.111RSMo
and is the minimum to complete the course and to
obtain the Concealed Carry Permit in Missouri.  

If the shooters do not have a firearm, Beardslee Training Site
will provide either type of firearm and the ammunition
required for the course, at no additional cost.  We at Beardslee Training 
Site are taking this step to assure that every qualified person has the
opportunity to obtain their Concealed Carry Permit. Please call as
far in advance as possible to obtain a place in one of our
classes, because they fill up quickly. Then, we ask that you verify
your attendance by the Friday before the Saturday you are
scheduled to attend the class. Since we do not require advanced payment, this allows us to know how many to prepare for and fill in
empty spaces in classes.

573-450-3221 to schedule a class or confirm attendance, or email at




The guns we provide for this
training are high quality,
full-sized guns, properly
maintained, and appropriate for
either men or women shooters.






Handgun Safety & Marksmanship


During this course, approved by local sheriffs as the training requirement for concealed carry permits,  you will receive an appreciation for the ability of handguns to cause injury.  They are designed for that specific purpose, and if you possess a handgun and intend to use it for self-defense, you must come to grips with that fact.  In the home, handguns must be secured in such a manner so that they are safe from children or others who do not appreciate their destructive power and ability to cause injury.  We will discuss safety procedures to keep accidents from happening in the home.  Guns must also be handled safely during practice sessions and when being deployed in self defense situations.  This will be discussed at length, and practiced on the range during marksmanship practice.  Marksmanship fundamentals will
also be discussed and practiced at length


The Missouri governor vetoed Constitutional Carry legislation, but the Missouri Legislature is likely to over ride this veto. If that is the case, Missouri residents will be able to carry a concealed firearm in Missouri, without having to get any training or a permit. The CCW Permit will remain an option.

Only nine other states have Constitutional Carry, and it is unknown if there will be any agreements between Missouri and those states to allow Missouri residents to carry in their states.

Thirty-seven other states currently grant reciprocity to Missouri residents to carry in their states, based on agreements which detail Missouri's current training and permit requirements. It is unknown if these states will continue with these agreements, if these requirements are taken away. To avoid any reciprocity issues, Missouri will continue to keep the current training and permit system in place as an option for Missouri residents, according to the Missouri Sheriff's Association, which administers Missouri's CCW Program. In addition, it is important to know when and where you may carry a concealed firearm, and where you may not, and it is very important to know when you may use deadly force in your own defense, and in the defense of others. These are all topics discussed in our training. It is imperative that you know what the law is, and that you comply with it. 

Deadly force is that amount of force that a reasonable person believes would cause death or serious physical injury.  The only time a person is authorized in using deadly force in defense of him/herself or another person, is when that person reasonably believes that he or she  or another person is in imminent danger of death or serious physical injury.  Handguns are employed in self-defense to stop an assailant from causing death or serious physical injury. We discuss this topic at length in our course. The Concealed Carry Law is discussed, and certificates are issued fulfilling the training requirement for a concealed carry permit from your Sheriff. It is prohibited by Missouri Criminal Law to use Deadly Force to protect premises or property (anything of value) alone, without a deadly force threat to a person.







Now that you have a gun and a
permit, you are safe, right?


Safety comes, not from the gun
by itself, but from knowing how
to use it, when to use it, and
how to avoid having to use it

picks up where
concealed carry stopped,
going in depth into the
topics of Situational Awareness, The Survival Mindset, instinct shooting,
shoulder point shooting,
deployment of concealed
weapons from various
forms of concealed carry
systems, shooting from
different positions, low light
shooting and stress
is offered on the
fourth Saturday of each
month. Call
to enroll.

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Tactical Rifle Class is
available for four or more

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Courses may be scheduled 
Mondays, Fridays and Sundays, with
advanced notice, in an effort to be responsive to the needs of the shooting public.


The next Concealed
Carry Classes of 2017 will be: 

  July 1, 8 and 15, 2017; and Aug 5, 12 and 19, 2017

Constitutional Carry is now the law in Missouri. That means no permit is required.  However, if you want to be able to carry to other states through reciprocity agreements, you will still need a permit and Missouri will keep the permit option available to Missouri residents.


including Tactical Shotgun and Tactical Rifle will be scheduled as demand requires
July 2 and 16, 2017, 14:00 to 17:00. 


Proceeds of the
CCW classes at
Training Site,
directly support
the mission and
activities of the

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K9 Search Team

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