Dan and I recently taught a Basic Rifle Class for the Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy. The class covered the essentials of Battlesight Zero, the function of the weapons and basic marksmanship. Our own Tactical Rifle Course is a 12 hour course and more detailed in the tactical deployment of the weapon and its use in conjunction with a secondary weapon. 

Dan explains the importance of BZO


 Students put classroom instruction to use on the

Dan shows how to achieve BZO 

Dan demonstrates the kneeling position


Our Advanced Handgun Class June 20 was a great success, with the participants learning about the Warrior Mindset,reasons for an advanced state of preparation and many new skills on the range. The instinct and shoulder point shooting were of particular interest as was the Down and Disabled  shooting. Reloading weapons with a disabled hand and lowlight tactical courses were very interesting. My thanks to the four brave soles who decided to give us a chance to provide the training. 

Reloading a semi-automatic one handed is not
something you want to learn during a gunfight. Better to
practice it on the range.
addresses this and many other issues.

Just because you may be down, doesn't mean you are
out of the fight. Down and disabled drills show
participants that they can be effective in any situation.

Here's a scary sight, Randy and Mike assaulting a
fortified position with shotguns using team tactics,
during the recent
Tactical Shotgun Course.

During the TACTICAL RIFLE COURSE on October 17,
participants not only learned advanced skills with their
individual primary and secondary weapons, but also
learned to work as members of a team.

Participants address targets at varying distances, and
shoot threat discrimination drills during the 12-hour
TACTICAL RIFLE COURSE in preparation for the
culminating tactical course at the end of the day.

Moving and shooting from cover, and tactical magazine
changes were also skills learned and practiced.

Dinner break in the classroom not only provided some
very tasty Crappie, but also kept meal time productive with
discussion. Below, pieing off a doorway to address
multiple adversaries, while staying out of the "Fatal
Funnel" is an essential tactic for survival when  searching
rooms. Instructor Dan McMicahel shows how.

The same assault from as different prospective. The
next adventure is Tactical Rifle on October 17, in
preparation for the three gun tactical match, December

Instructor Dan McMichael drills the participants during
dry fire transition exercises, before applying live
ammunition in this Transition practice during the

While the typical battle rifle may not be the optimum
choice for precision shooting, a 50 meter shot is
well within the weapons capabilities.